Day 4

Happy 4th of July! 
A great big thank you to all the men and women who have spent their careers and their lives protecting us and giving us the freedoms we have. We appreciate you!

I spent my 4th hanging out with my grandparents. We went to a book fair in the morning. Very cool place.
It's in this warehouse style building. But it's 2 floors of books, for really cheap prices. They run it like a bookstore too, very organized.

They had this great map where visitors could stick a pin on their hometown. It was smothered in pins. Very cool idea! 
A fuzzy picture of the Barnes and Noble-esque layout.

After the book fair, we ate lunch and played card games til supper. For supper we went to my aunt's and had good ol' american hamburgers, baked beans and watermelon. 
It was raining, so no fireworks. But more games.

When we got home, my grandparents and I played Sorry. It ended up being an exciting game played in the dark, because the rainstorm caused a blackout. The power was down for a few hours, and we were in the middle of a game, so we played Sorry by flashlight. Riveting stuff. 

We also had a conversation, while listening to the radio, that went like this:

Grandma (to Grandpa): Did you hear that? That lady said the bikini was invented in 1947.
Grandpa: What about zucchini?
Me: No Grandpa, bikini, with a b.
Grandpa: Bucchini?
Me and Grandma: No, bikini (enunciating)
Grandpa: Oh, a bikini!

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