Day 1

Today is the day! I have left my hometown and I'm headed north. On the way I stopped by the Billy Graham Library. It was neat, I've never been there before.

This is the Dairy Barn his parents had.

This is the home he grew up in. Its very cute inside.
There was a radio show exhibit from his early days. That's how it all began.

A random bike, not sure why.

This was part of an "influential people" wall. He's ministered to tons of high up officials and presidents. This was Billy Graham and the Chief Jewish Rabbi Moses Roseri in 1965.

 It says "save our people" and was part of a Romania exhibit. Billy visited there during the communist war-torn days.

One of many items of honor he received from various people. This was from Queen Elizabeth.

Very cool neon light cross. You should go see that.

Part of the Prayer Garden where Ruth Graham is buried.

All in all, it was neat. After that I made it to my friend Beth's house, and can I say that her city is just gorgeous. Old brick and stone house with huge stately trees. Tons of parks, trails and gardens. Many wonderful places to eat. We walked through 2 gardens and then went out to a wonderful frozen yogurt place. Yum!

Find the frog. I dare you. He was HUGE! Big as my face. Ok, so my face is not big, but that would be big for a frog. Just sayin'.

Lots of beautiful ducks everywhere.


and more waterfalls!

Check out this seriously sweet bridge that my friend Beth is modeling for you!

Lushness everywhere. I love it.

Pineapple yogurt, and white peach yogurt with fresh strawberries and blueberries. After a walk through wonderful gardens, does it get any better?

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  1. love this post!! And thanks for the picture of beth!! :)