Day 2

Today we went to an art gallery, which had some excellent oil paintings, and one really creepy room with a dark video that made my eyes cross, and a lot of other normal artsy displays. I wasn't allowed to take any pictures though. Sorry!

Then we went out to eat at this yummy place called the Filling Station. I had a Fried Green Tomato sandwich. 
After that we went for a four mile walk through this awesome trail, deep in the forest. Or at least it felt that way, really it was a park in the middle of town. Beautiful! I didn't stop to take any pictures, but all of this city is luscious!
Then we went home, showered, changed and went out to eat. It's been over five hours since we ate, so don't judge us. This place was awesome!

My salad was a spinach, wild mushroom, goat cheese, and candied walnuts with roasted red pepper dressing. It was divine.

The pizza was so amazing I forgot to take a picture until it was almost all gone. It was fried eggplant, mozzerella, mushroom, and roasted garlic cloves. Talk about delicious!

So funny story. There was a cafe put in next to this restaurant we were at, and their customers kept parking in this parking lot, taking up all the space. The owners of Sticks and Stones got mad, told them to move and it kept happening. Not only does it continue, but this other cafe puts up a sign, on Sticks side, for their business. So Sticks build a wall to separate their parking lots. Then...

...they put up a sign, right in front of the cafe's sign, that says this parking lot is not for their customers. Talk about passive aggressive! But very funny too.

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