4 days to go...

Today I had two new front tires put on my car, and the shakiness is totally gone! My car drives like a dream, and is road-ready. Now all I have to do is prepare myself, and print out maps. Sounds simple, but the preparing myself part is gonna take all 4 days.

I dehydrated bananas today, and packed them all up in baggies for quick grabs during the drive. I also made some trail mix, and bagged up veggies. I really don't like eating fast food when I have to sit in the car for hours.

Tomorrow I'm going to finalize dates, times, and places. I can't wait.


6 days and counting

Today we worked on my car, getting it ready for my trip. The rotors were warped, making the car shimmy and shake when I pushed on the brakes, so we changed them. I went to go get the parts, and it took the man 6 tries to spell my name right for the warranty. 

Then my brother and father helped me. We formed a little assembly line. My brother jacked up the car, I took the tires off, he took the brakes and old rotor off, I degreased the new rotor, my brother reassembled it, I put the tire back on, all while my father puffed his pipe and gave instructions. Repeat on other side.
It was very easy, and not very time consuming. We even did it with the car jack, instead of my dad's big souped-up one.
My lovely car and our tools

My brother, either assembling, or reassembling. Not sure which.

The shiny new, and degreased rotor.

Removing the old rusty, warped rotor.

Ye old rotors.

I think I'm putting the tire back on. Notice my dad in the back on his pipe.

My car now brakes smoothly, quickly, and quietly. Hoorah! Next stop, new tires and a much-needed alignment.


This was the day...

I went for a walk with my friend at this gorgeous lake. It's so close to our home and I've never been there before. It was great! Deep, lush forest. Quiet lake with no geese, thank God. Good hiking trails. We went uphill, downhill, deep in the forest. Very soothing. I feel whole again.


Today is the day...

I have a new IPhone! Very exciting. I am going to use it to update you on my gallavantings all around the countryside. It's so beautiful and easy to use! I love it. It will help me a ton since I don't have a computer anymore.

Note to self: when transferring from old phone to new phone, do not forget to turn off the alarms on old phone BEFORE you turn it off and sleep soundly with your new phone by your bed. The random alarms the next morning coming from two places will confuse your groggy self.


This is the day...

I have decided to go on a month long road trip to New England, and visit all my family and friends up there. Mainly, because I never have. I shall have an adventure and blog about it. And maybe give you some photos and  video too.

Right now, I'm getting my self and my car ready.
I'm going to hit North Carolina (Beth), Virginia (grandparents), West Virginia (pretty country), Maryland (for 5 minutes), Pennsylvania (lots of family), New Jersey (yes I'm skipping Delaware), Connecticut (more family), Massachusetts (which you apparently spell with one s and two tt's at the end not two ss's and one t, and because I have to get to Vermont), Vermont (yay!), no Rhode Island, shoot over to New Hampshire and Maine simply because I've never seen it and I will only be 4 hours from the coast, back over to New York (family, friends, and more family), and on back down to good ol' South Carolina.

Sounds good to me. I shall start in July!