This is the day...

I have decided to go on a month long road trip to New England, and visit all my family and friends up there. Mainly, because I never have. I shall have an adventure and blog about it. And maybe give you some photos and  video too.

Right now, I'm getting my self and my car ready.
I'm going to hit North Carolina (Beth), Virginia (grandparents), West Virginia (pretty country), Maryland (for 5 minutes), Pennsylvania (lots of family), New Jersey (yes I'm skipping Delaware), Connecticut (more family), Massachusetts (which you apparently spell with one s and two tt's at the end not two ss's and one t, and because I have to get to Vermont), Vermont (yay!), no Rhode Island, shoot over to New Hampshire and Maine simply because I've never seen it and I will only be 4 hours from the coast, back over to New York (family, friends, and more family), and on back down to good ol' South Carolina.

Sounds good to me. I shall start in July!

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  1. I do hope you'll be stopping to visit me while you're coming through Pennsylvania!! :)