6 days and counting

Today we worked on my car, getting it ready for my trip. The rotors were warped, making the car shimmy and shake when I pushed on the brakes, so we changed them. I went to go get the parts, and it took the man 6 tries to spell my name right for the warranty. 

Then my brother and father helped me. We formed a little assembly line. My brother jacked up the car, I took the tires off, he took the brakes and old rotor off, I degreased the new rotor, my brother reassembled it, I put the tire back on, all while my father puffed his pipe and gave instructions. Repeat on other side.
It was very easy, and not very time consuming. We even did it with the car jack, instead of my dad's big souped-up one.
My lovely car and our tools

My brother, either assembling, or reassembling. Not sure which.

The shiny new, and degreased rotor.

Removing the old rusty, warped rotor.

Ye old rotors.

I think I'm putting the tire back on. Notice my dad in the back on his pipe.

My car now brakes smoothly, quickly, and quietly. Hoorah! Next stop, new tires and a much-needed alignment.


  1. I think we need to get Daddy a grey robe and hat, because he's totally Gandalf. "puffed his pipe and gave instructions" :)